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Zhanjiang Jinyi Cinema AIOAC Water- Cooled IntegratedChiller Project

Jinyi Cinemas is located in the commercial square of every inch of land and every inch of gold. The theatre Playhouse is crowded with people. Therefore, the air conditioning requirements not only need to occupy a small space, but also have higher requirements on the cooling capacity, air volume and energy saving of air conditioning

AIOAC provides a one-machine solution, which directly places the air conditioning on the top of the shopping mall, and does not need to set up a special air conditioning room in the studio, so that the studio has more space to play, which directly saves a considerable rent for the studio. In terms of energy consumption, it also saves 30% of the energy consumption cost compared with the traditional central air-conditioning system, providing a comfortable environment for viewers to watch movies, while also saving a large amount of energy consumption costs in daily operation.