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AIOAC Water Cooling Integrated Chiller Project of Suzhou Daning Life Center

Suzhou Daning Business Group is a chain retail business group specializing in the development and operation of supermarkets, department stores and community shopping centers. Changqiao Shop of Suzhou Daning Life Center is one of the supermarkets of Suzhou Daning Business Group and one of the four new stores planned by Daning Group in 2014.

Daning Life Center uses the integrated unit of energy tower heat pump developed by Yiyi Group. Due to the tight opening time of the shopping mall, the installation time is required. Unity integrates water units, cooling towers, chilled water pumps, cooling water pumps, expansion tanks, pipes, valves, instrumentation and automation control systems in the factory, which greatly shortens the construction period and ensures the opening of supermarkets. When the equipment is transported to the construction site, the chilled water inlet/outlet pipes of the main power supply and air conditioning system can be connected well, and then put into operation. Not occupying the computer room, stable operation, quiet, energy-saving, praised by customers.