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About Us


Company Introduction


AIOAC is a High-tech innovative enterprise, we specialize in customized integratedCentral Air-Conditioning manufacture. Our integrated machine can provides customized Central Air-Conditioning to customers based on individual needs.


AIOAC adopts efficient integrated technology, converting the traditional Central Air-Conditioning machine room for cooling into “water-cooled Integral chiller’. Skillful standard operation by workers in a neat workshop replaces the complex installation in the construction site. This greatly shortens the construction period of Central Air-Conditioning, but also improves the quality of central air-conditioningproject. EliminatingThe need for traditional machine room?brings substantial benefits to customers.


By introducing and absorbing the latest advanced technology in the world, and making use of the mature experience in developing and manufacturing air-conditioners, water-cooled Integral chiller is designed and produced.The integrated unit combines advantages of traditional air condition unitAir cooling type, water cooling efficiency, VRF air conditioning selection, etc.AIOAC had established strategic partnership with Carrier, Trane, Hitachi, LG,Gree etc...AIOAC also has long term cooperation with Qinghua University, Zhongshan University, Southern China Univerisity of Science and Zhejiang University to research and develop our new products.From imagination to innovation, from complextiy to simplicity, AIOAC will neverstop pioneering on the road of challenge and subversion. Start with redefining central A/C, to become leader of customized central A/C.AIOAC always aspires to “Nature and Human, Be Two in One”.



Brand Concept



“Nature and Human, Be Two in One”is not only AIOAC’S pursuit, but also it is our social responsibility. We should consider the harmony among our equipments, Society and Nature when we customize and design equipments for customers. We vigorously promote new technologies of renewable energy through our innovative efforts. We also strive to develop equipments for environmental protection and energy-saving , we will contribute our efforts to the new harmonious society of "Resource-saving, Environment-friendly".